Plenty of water and snacks.
Beer and other alcoholic beverages are allowed if over 21. NO GLASS! NO RED WINE!
Sunblock  (No Spray-on)
Bathing Suit


Flip Flops to kick off. No Shoes on the boat.
Dress cool. It will be warm in the summer months.
Hat’s and shades
Children under 2 must provide their own life jacket.


After you pull through the port of entry, go another 100 yards to the T in the road and make a right. Park in the North Ramp parking lot by the Peoria Fire Departmant and the two windmills. You will see two green benches under a blue shade where the shuttle will meet you to bring you down to the marina. We will meet at the Go Sail Arizona office next to the Phoenix cruise boat.  Do not go to the Sailboat Shop.

After you park, call 602-625-7776 for the PHM shuttle and tell them your at the North Ramp lot and need a ride to the GoSailAz office. The shuttle service is free and the drivers work on tips. On weekends they can be busy so show up early and be patient.

The shuttle makes routine stops between the marina and the parking lot. It is a 5-10 minute walk down the hill to the marina and are more then welcome to walk.

Any questions, call Captain Clint at 602-882-4398