ugly sailboat and dock

Ugly boat and dock

What is it about that guy with the boat that has more dings than rigging, all due to the stubborn skills of a cocky skipper?  When I teach students how to park a boat, the thing I stress the most is speed and wind direction. I’m constantly stressing that they must try to come into the wind and travel at an impossibly slow rate of speed. Bear steerage, or steerage way, is the boat moving with just enough speed to maneuver her – and no faster. If the wind is blowing, you may need a little more power to make sure it doesn’t stop you, but that’s it. Here’s the thing Cap, when you’re about to swing the club and it just doesn’t feel so good, stop. Back off the tee and try again. We all know that when you follow through with a bad idea, bad becomes worse.  The takeaway:  Make another approach and remember, go slow. I’ve seen so many skippers commit to an approach that from the onset spelled disaster. These are the ones you don’t want your boat parked next to in the marina – right? Remember, go slow and use the wind. We all know what it is to want that cold mojito when the lines hit the dock, but having to repair it and your boat will leave you dry in more ways than one. Oh, and how do you know if you’re that guy? Ask yourself this: “Which is bigger:  My pride or my boat?”

Have fun sailing, everyone!

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Captain Clint

Owner and ASA Instructor at Go Sail Arizona
Hello! My name is Clint Sutter, owner of Go Sail Az at Lake Pleasant in Arizona. I am also the Operations Manager and Lead Captain for the 65 foot Phoenix Cruise Boat. I am a USCG licensed captain and American Sailing Association sailing instructor. I am certified to teach Basic Keelboat 101, Basic Coastal Cruising 103, Bareboat Cruising 104, and Coastal Navigation 105. I am an identical twin and native to Arizona for 36 years. I have a 13 year old son named Ethan and a Border Collie named Hoji who I love so much. I've owned many boats over the years from small performance dinghies to catamarans and larger cruising sailboats. I have many years of experience skippering larger sailboats up to 50 feet along the Mexican and California coast. Ports to include: San Diego, Newport, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey. Boats I've sailed: Beneteau 40, 42, 46. Jeneau 40. Hanse 40. Hunter 32, 36, 46. Catalina 14, 18, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 36, 40. Prindle 16, 18. Hobie 16, 18. Nacra f18. Sabre 30. Bavaria 46.My goal is to share the sport of sailing with as many as I can in hopes that it makes them as happy as it has made me.I am currently a member of the ASA, US Sailing, The Arizona Yacht Club, The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, and Marina Sailing.

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