Our testimonials include the following comments from real life students, passengers and crew at Captain Clint’s Sailing, LLC

Teri A.: “We went out as a group of four ‘newbies’–none had sailed before. While we got off to a slow start, (technical difficulties), Captain Clint more than made up for it. He was full of sailing information, very knowledgeable of the lake and in general, made the two hour tour sail by, yes, pun intended. We had a great time, and definitely recommend this as an interesting, out of the ordinary way to spend an afternoon!”

Michael L.: “I took my ASA 101 with Captain Clint the last weekend in March. Captain Clint made the learning experience easy & fun. Two great days of instruction & hands on sailing made the whole lesson an absolute pleasure. He teaches in a manner in which you don’t even know you are learning, ensuring you grasp the fundamentals of sailing. I highly recommend taking your sailing lessons with Captain Clint, you will not be disappointed.”

Duane M.: “I took the ASA 101 class from Clint. He is a really friendly and knowledgeable skipper, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We encountered some interesting scenarios out on the water which turned out to be great opportunities for instruction. I would absolutely recommend Captain Clint Sailing as the place to start your sailing adventure.”

Tim J.: “Captain Clint was a very patient and easy-going instructor. I could not imagine having learned ASA from a better teacher! I am now booked to get the ASA 103 certification in San Diego with Clint and I cannot wait. Highly recommended for all ages and skill sets.”

Jeff D.: “My wife and I took Capt Clint’s ASA 101 class over the summer. He’s a very fun instructor and an excellent sailor. In fact, he’s so good that we ended up moving to California and buying a sailboat just a few months after our lesson! Sailing is exciting and fun, and having a knowledgeable instructor to show you the ropes (literally) is essential. It was a very hands on lesson and you will learn the art of sailing very quickly. If you take ASA 101, you will be comfortable sailing a 30 ft yacht after you pass the class. I would highly recommend this experience for those looking to acquire a cool new skill or just a weekend of excitement.”

Samuel P.: “Captain Clint was a fine instructor for introductory sailing. Not only is he knowledgeable and thorough, but is also thoroughly affable, respectful and an all around hoot! I certainly got my money’s worth during my ASA 101 course with him.”

Lonnie L.: “Carol and I took the ASA 101 course with Captain Clint. What a Great 2 Days that was! Captain Clint was very Positive and made the class a, “Breeze”! He will accommodate Your schedule to make sure you can enjoy this experience. We even took it a step further and rented a boat to take out the very next day. That just showed the confidence we had in ourselves and they had in us. We look forward to taking the 103 class in the near future. Do Not pass up the opportunity to Sail in the Desert.”

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