The ASA 111 certification is intended to be a permanent addition to your ASA student or instructor record. This course is perfect for those who want to practice and improve their sailing skills with continued education. Each sail will have 3 specific goals discussed between instructor and crew. Whether docking or tacking, reefing or cruise tactics, this course will help you meet more sailors while continuing to certify and improve your sailing skills.

*(2) 3Hr sails receives 111 certification. 111 certification is a cumulative certification that tracks your “sailing skill level” while also certifying for time on water. Renting sailboats or joining a club charter to practice and keep improving can get expensive. The 111 program is designed for all levels of sailors to keep “improving” on a level that keeps budget and experience in mind. Sailing every weekend to improve your skills should be attainable without the responsibility, and cost of a charter.

ASA 111 Review Clinics sail every Saturday and Sunday at 9 am and 1 pm. $110/passenger.

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