The Cruisers Cup Challenge is a Cruising Boat competition held monthly at Pleasant Harbor Marina on Saturdays and Sundays.  All boats will be Cruiser Class and include:  interior, anchor, Nylon or Dacron sails, and an inboard or outboard motor.  A handicap system will be used to determine finish order, (PHRF).

The Cruisers Cup Challenge is open to all level sailors and is most valuable to new and entry level sailors who want to improve their sailing skills, learn basic racing rules, and be prepared to then race in the Arizona Yacht Club racing series.  We encourage experienced sailors to crew for novices and show them the ropes.  After the finish, all races conclude with a crew gathering at The Waterfront Grill for trophies, prizes, food and drinks.  There will also be a Cornhole tournament where you can challenge other sailors for prizes.

If you register as crew and do not have a boat, we have you covered.  We will have 3 of our Capri 22’s and one Catalina 25 joining the race and you will be crewing or skippering one of these boats.  There will be a maximum of four on each boat.

In conjunction with the Arizona Yacht Club we will also be hosting Beginners Race Clinics and Introduction to Racing classes.

Go to or call (602) 882-4398 to find out times for the Beginners Race Clinics. There will also be a skippers meeting on the dock prior to the race.  Course directions will be available as well as a Q and A.


$15 to register for each race.


Cruisers Cup Directions




Results for the March 2, 2014 8 Mile Cruisers Cup Challenge

1st:  Tim Hickey and family (Sabre 30) 2H 27M 45S

2nd:  Jack Biltis and Brian Kisil (Capri 22) 3H 27 M

3rd:  Tim Clark and Zac Takash (Capri 22) 3H 44M 24S

4th:  Jared Sutter and Courtney Lord (Catalina 30) 3H 48M 45S

5th:  Jeff Middlebrook and Scott Craig (Capri 22) 3H 55M 35S

6th:  Mike Hillbrand and Terry Corcoran (Catalina 25) 4H 2M 10S