Sailing in the tropicsCatalina Island 3 Day Live-Aboard 

Price: $1100  (Dates are posted on the site)

1 on 1 instruction available

Price includes all class material and live-aboard privileges.

After completing your Basic Keel Boat 101 class and learning how to sail, like most of our students, you seek the skills to charter or skipper your own large sail boat. The freedom and adventure that calls you to this lifestyle is shared by all sailors new and old. All of our instructors are United Stated Coast Guard Licensed Captains and highly experienced ASA Certified Sailing Instructors. You will learn everything you need to know to safely charter your own sailboat anywhere in the world. You will learn advanced sailing techniques, sail power and trim control, charting, mooring, boat operations below deck, sailing in waves and current, weather forecasting, advanced safety and man overboard recovery, pre-voyage preparation and MORE.

We set sail from Long Beach, CA sailing 25 miles across the San Pedro Channel to Catalina Island where we moor for the night to explore the island. The next morning we sail another 25 miles from Catalina Island to Newport Harbor for some time on the beach and a BBQ on the boat while reviewing the days adventure. On the 3rd day we sail back to Long Beach where you will get your 103/104 certifications.

Once you complete this 3 day course you will be certified to charter your own sailboat of up to 50 feet in any conditions day or night.  PLUS, your certified to charter anywhere else in the world providing endless opportunity for adventure and relaxation.

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and food/linen provisions while on board.

Students may register for private 1 on 1 instruction

Course is taught aboard 36 ft sailboat or larger.

Course is 3 days and may sail from harbor to harbor along the coast depending on weather and sea conditions.


Price subject to change.

Please call 602-882-4398 if you have any questions/)/)/)

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