Xa JohnsonMy name is Xa (pronounced X) Johnson. Sailing has been my passion for almost 60 years. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio at the western end of Lake Erie. My family always enjoyed boating and when I was in my mid-teens, my parents bought me and my siblings a 19’ centerboard one-design sloop. We were soon active in racing and several years later when one of my competitors decided to move into larger keel boats, he asked me and my brother to be part of his regular crew. I raced actively on Lake Erie, Lake St. Clare and Lake Huron for about 20 years. In the summers, my wife and I now spend time at our family home in Northern Michigan where I continue to sail that same 19’ sloop that has been a big part of my life and has brought me countless days of pleasure.

I thoroughly love sailboats and enjoy being with others who also appreciate setting sail and experiencing the challenges and the pleasures that we find on open water.

After retiring from my business career, I decided that it would be fulfilling to share what I have learned about sailing with others and hopefully introduce the art of sailing to future generations. I am now a Certified Sailing Instructor at Go Sail Arizona where we are an American Sailing Association Sailing School on Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona.

Some of the various vessels I have sailed include the following:
10’ Sailing Dingy, 8.5’ Phil Rhodes Designed Sailing Dingy, Flying Scott, 16 Hobie Cat, Nipper, 18 Interlake, Venture 22, McGregor 26, Holder 14’, Capri 14.2, Capri 16.5, Capri 22, Capri 26, Thistle, Cal 25, Catalina 27, Morgan 33, Seidleman 29.5, Columbia 36, Newport 41, Nacra 5.8, Ta Shing Panda 40, Beneteau 393