Learning to sail on Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Take the wheel or trim the sails! Your first sail with us will be full of excitement while joining us for 3 hours on the water…FULL SAIL! This experience will be side by side sailors training to be better at all levels of sailing. Go Sail Az is an ASA Sailing School dedicated to teaching all levels from small boats on inland waters to large cruising yachts on all oceans. This sail is designed to give anyone with an interest in adventure a first time experience without the responsibility. Hell, bring beer!

  • Intro Sails leave the dock every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and sail until 5 pm.

  • Up to 4 passengers/crew + instructor.

  • Sailing times may be subject to force majeure, change due to wind conditions and acts of God.

  • Scheduled cruises are non-refundable.

  • 48 hour notice required to reschedule.

  • $110/passenger

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