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Why the American Sailing Association?

The American Sailing Association is the worlds most recognized leader in sailing education. The course allows you to accrue sailing experience while logging it in the ASA Logbook you receive when you sign up for the class. The logbook gives you unbelievable discounts worldwide and lets others know your level of experience once you complete each course.

Why Go Sail Arizona?

Captain Clint is a USCG Licensed Captain and certified to teach levels 101, 103, 104, 105, and 114.  Go Sail Arizona students receive exclusive discounts on sailboat rentals with Pleasant Harbor Boat Rentals.  20% off  1/2 and full day rentals.  These discounts are for Go Sail Arizona students ONLY.  We have 3 Capri 22’s.  Go to the sailboat rentals page for pricing.

ASA 101- Basic Keelboat – $395 

Demonstrate ability to skipper sailboat of approximately 20-27 ft in length by day in moderate conditions without supervision.  Learn terminology, parts and functions, helm commands, sail trim, points of sail, basic navigation rules to avoid collisions and hazards.

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ASA 103/104 Basic Coastal Cruising/Bareboat Cruising (3day) $1250

 3 Day Live-Aboard 

After completing your Basic Keel Boat 101 class and learning how to sail, like most of our students, you seek the skills to charter or skipper your own large sail boat. The freedom and adventure that calls you to this lifestyle is shared by all sailors new and old. All of our instructors are United Stated Coast Guard Licensed Captains and highly experienced ASA Certified Sailing Instructors.  

Once you complete this 3 day course you will be certified to charter your own sailboat of up to 45 feet in most conditions day or night. PLUS, your certified to charter anywhere else in the world providing endless opportunity for adventure and relaxation.

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ASA 103/104/114 Coastal Cruising Catamaran Catalina Island (4day) $1695

Take your sailing skills further earning 3 certifications while living aboard a sailing catamaran for 4 days:

Basic Coastal Cruising 103

Bareboat Cruising 104

Catamaran Cruising 114

This class will have you sailing fast and in comfort, but most importantly, safely and confidently.  Learn what it takes to be skipper a large sailing catamaran up to 45 ft. on coastal waters all while earning your 103, 104, and 114 certifications that will allow you to charter large cruising catamarans AND mono-hulls anywhere in the world.

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Cruising Catamaran 114 (1 day) $550

Go Sail Arizona now offers a one day cruising catamaran 114 class for those who have already obtained their 101, 103, and 104 certifications.  This class will have you sailing fast and in comfort, but most importantly, safely and confidently. Your lesson will include: tacking and driving, trim and performance, anchoring, heaving to, twinscrew maneuvering in close quarters, crew overboard, and MORE.

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ASA 105- Coastal Navigation – $250

Demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate and skipper a sailing vessel of 30-50 feet in length and her crew in coastal or inland waters by day or night in any conditions.  There is no Sailing Skills part to this standard.

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International Proficiency Certificate – $59

This certificate is required when chartering in European / Mediterranean waters.  It serves as proof of bareboat charter competency for Mediterranean chartering companies, many of which require the proficiency information displayed in a different format  than the ASA Log Book.

Q-Is it required for chartering?  If so, where?
A-Kiriakoulis Charters accepts this certificate throughout its 300+ location charter network in the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Croatia, France, Turkey and the Caribbean) as adequate proof of bareboat skipper proficiency.  This document is not required per se by government agencies in these countries, but greatly helps in streamlining the paperwork.  As countries differ in their requirements, travelers should always check with their destination prior to attempting to charter.

Q-Who can get one?
A-Only ASA members who have completed through ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising, are eligible to order the certificate.  One must be a current member of ASA to be issued the certificate.

Q-How do I get one?
A-You can get this through your local ASA school or directly through ASA.

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Scheduled lessons are non-refundable.  72 hour notice required to reschedule.